Vampires Suck, Zombies Rule

from by Astrometrics

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Have you noticed vampires getting far too much love
to the detriment of other groups of undead?
Those elitist bastards skulking in their castles
sleeping in their velvet-cushioned coffins
shunning daylight in their mansions
like they had something to hide

Vampires suck, they're so not cool
Vampires suck – but zombies rule

You might think they're both just living corpses
but that's not quite true
In fact there is a crucial difference: zombies have great numbers
but vampires are few

Zombies are many, vampires are few
Zombies are many, vampires are few

When the zombies rise up
all the vampires can do
is to flee to distant mountains
where the mummies are hiding too


from Life on Earth, released December 16, 2016
Music & lyrics: JL
Arrangement: Astrometrics




Astrometrics Turku, Finland

Astrometrics is an independent melodic geek rock / space rock band from Turku (Finland) formed in 2012. Their first three- song EP, "Engage!", was published in September 2015.

The band's songs often mix electronic sounds (made with the Commodore 64 soundchip SID) with somewhat geeky lyrics involving the zombie apocalypse, battles in space, alternative societies or the history of the calculus.
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