by Astrometrics

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released September 25, 2015

Guitar & Vocals: Irene Prix
Keyboards: Teemu Tuovinen
Bass: Kalle Alho
Drums & Vocoder: Joonas Laine

All music & lyrics: Joonas Laine
All arrangements: Astrometrics

Sleeve Layout: Joonas Laine
Backcover photo: Martina Münch
Inner sleeve photos: Teemu Tuovinen
Mixing: Teemu Tuovinen
Mastering: Jaakko Viitalähde

Cover image elements:
Homo Ergaster Skull (Credit: Daderot, Wikimedia Commons, CC0 1.0)
Star-forming Region 2174 (Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team [STScI/AURA])

Bandcamp site background photo credit:
Star-forming Region 2174 (NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team [STScI/AURA])




Astrometrics Turku, Finland

Astrometrics is an independent melodic geek rock / space rock band from Turku (Finland) formed in 2012. Their first three- song EP, "Engage!", was published in September 2015.

The band's songs often mix electronic sounds (made with the Commodore 64 soundchip SID) with somewhat geeky lyrics involving the zombie apocalypse, battles in space, alternative societies or the history of the calculus.
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Track Name: Take Us to the Nearest Starbase
Take us to the nearest starbase
and give us a battleship
Load the bays with quantum torpedoes
and send us off on a hunting trip

Set course for to eight zero mark three one five

Captain, I'm picking up fluctuations
off the starboard bow
An enemy ship decloaking
the time to strike is now!

Attention all hands! Battle stations! Red alert!

Captain, we have lost main power
There's a danger of warp core breach
Get those plasma coils back online
and victory's still within our reach

All power to the weapons! Aim the phasers! Fire!
Track Name: Ram It Up Their Snout
If you are like me and you have
liked to take all things for granted – hear me out
Let's take everything our masters
have ever given us and ram it up their snout

If you're looking for a fight
If you're looking for new friends and guarantees in advance
If you want a revolution, land and freedom
friendship, love – I offer you a chance

Come my friends, come all of you
let's do this together – let's break this golden chain
'Cos don't you know that in the end
the freedom that you win is worth more than the pain
Track Name: Get Ready for the Apocalypse
Everybody knows the storm is coming fast,
the day will soon be here
when those who are caught unprepared will be the first to fall –
that much is clear
So on that fateful day when it all hits the fan
can you stand your ground
and survive while there's people crying, people dying
everywhere around?

You better make some preparations
there's no time for hesitations
compile a list of tips
Get some friends together
'cos together it's far better
to get ready for the apocalypse

Nowadays it's very few who think the end is coming bible style
So don't believe in those who spread religious lies
it's not worth your while
Every child knows there will be no angels, trumpets, voices in the sky
No locusts, no riders on pale horses, no proverbial pie
Nothing will be certain, that's for sure
but if you can see the signs
If you catch the drift and if you read between the lines
The way in which the world is going to get eclipsed
It's written in the wind, it's gonna be – a zombie apocalypse

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse
Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse

With those trusted friends you have
you search and find and occupy a mall
Dig your heels in, there you'll have the means
to prepare for it all
But it won't be enough if all you have
is lots of guns and food
Team spirit's really mandatory
if you don't want to get yourself screwed

And when it's all over and if you are still standing on your feet
there will be new responsibilities that you will have to meet
Rebuild a new society from the ashes of the old
Better than the one that is now gone
decimated, done for, dead and cold